We are a fund manager; We manage our clients 'portfolios using financial instruments available in the global capital markets, using US-based discount brokers as custodians of clients' accounts. Citibank / Vector. Since we have no conflicts of interest with the client, our service guarantees that you will always benefit from having the lowest costs in the market, the best quotes, and the highest possible rates.
The minimum amount to start investing is $ 50,000.
Financialag helps you meet your goals by designing an investment portfolio tailored to your needs. Through our web platform you can diversify your resources efficiently, and check your investment at all times.
As a first step we suggest that you try our investment simulator, in this way you will be able to know the expected return to which you could have access if you invest with Financialag. Then, register as a user by entering your email and password. In order to recommend an investment plan, you need to answer a questionnaire to know your profile as an investor, in this way we will know what your objectives are, and in what time you plan to fulfill them; in addition to knowing your ability to take risks and your general knowledge about investments. Based on your answers, we will choose the strategy that best suits your needs. Through your session on the Financialag platform you will be able to monitor the opening status of your account and you will also notify us of any inconvenience you may have. Once everything is ready, we will let you know by email and through your session how you will fund your account. Once your money is in your account, with the Citibank / Vector institution, Financialag will proceed to issue instructions to the financial institution to shape your investment strategy. You will be able to monitor the status and performance of your investments at any time and anywhere through the Financialag platform.
As our client, you authorize Financialag to issue investment instructions on your resources, which are guarded by the financial institution Citibank / Vector for their safekeeping (INSTITUCIÓN FINANCIERA). The management of your investment will always be based on the investment strategy that you agreed with your assigned analyst. When you request it, you authorize Financialag to issue instructions to the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. When you tell us that you made a deposit to your account, you authorize Financialag to issue instructions to the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION where your resources are kept to enter said money into your account. Likewise, you authorize Financialag to issue instructions to the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to withdraw ONLY the amount of the fees you pay Financialag for administration on a monthly basis.
In no way can we issue investment instructions on your resources, which are guarded by the financial institution Citibank / Vector (FINANCIAL INSTITUTION) that are different from the strategy established in your contract. We cannot ask the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to withdraw money from your account to any other account that is not in your name and that is not registered with us. We cannot issue instructions to the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to withdraw an amount other than the one that we will charge you monthly for fees.
Financialag is the simplest and smartest way to invest. Your money is always working for you: Financialag optimizes the investment of your money through experience and technology, so you will always find yourself on the right path. Efficient diversification: We propose an appropriate investment strategy in different ETF's, as well as stocks and bonds from the American and international markets. In addition, an ETF is a basket made up of different stocks or bonds (depending on the type), so when you buy them you minimize your risk. Rebalancing: The composition of your investment portfolio will naturally fluctuate with respect to the behavior of the market, however, Financialag's technology efficiently rebalances your resources to keep it always on track to your objectives, even when making deposits or withdrawals. Experts agree that constantly rebalancing your portfolio maximizes profits and reduces risk. Availability; Your money is always available without Financialag charging you for it and without minimum amounts for withdrawal. In case you need your money, it will be available within 4 to 5 business days. Advised by the best: Financialag's investment team when more than eight years in advising and managing large investors.
Financialag obtains income ONLY from the monthly fees it charges its clients for managing their investments.
No. You can use your money whenever you want without charges or penalties. It will only take us approximately 5 business days to sell the instruments that make up your investment and send them to your registered debit account.

A portfolio is a combination of different investment instruments. To make up your portfolio, Financialag will select a combination of ETF's that optimize meeting the objectives that you define through our investor profile questionnaire. By investing in this way, your resources are diversified, which means higher expectations of return and lower risk.
Financialag is made up of a team of experts with more than 8 years of experience in investment management. The team of experts at Financialag have designed an algorithm that allows, based on the responses you enter to the investor profile questionnaire, to optimize your earnings and that your portfolio is always adjusted to your goals and objectives. This investment strategy will be monitored at all times by our team of experts.
Your money is mostly invested in investment instruments called Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs). All ETFs are registered in the national securities registry and are listed on the Stock Exchange.
An ETF is a basket that is made up of financial assets, which can be shares of Mexican companies, cetes of the federal government, or bonds of the United States government, among others. These instruments allow you to participate in different world financial markets at a very low cost, thus achieving an efficient diversification of your investments.
Yes, you could. You would be responsible for the constant rebalancing of your investment portfolio to ensure that it is aligned with your objectives. While possible, this is a process that few people can do for work and hours. Instead, Financialag's team of investment experts is constantly searching the financial market for the optimal ETF's for you. These benefits are designed so that you let your money work for you in the smartest way and use your time for what you really want.
Every investment involves risk, so we cannot guarantee returns, much less that your money may lose value. However, when answering the questionnaire to know your investment profile, we seek to recommend an investment portfolio suitable for you and your objectives.

1. Valid passport.
2. Proof of address; no more than 3 months.
3. Tax identification number (the one that corresponds).
4. Account statement; last 3 months.

At Financialag we only generate income with what our clients pay us, so our only commitment is with you. We will make a monthly charge to your investment account that will be a percentage of the invested amount. The percentage of collection will depend on the type of strategy that is indicated for you and may be between 0.067% to 0.125% per month.
You will be able to have your money when you need it without charges or penalties. It will only take us approximately 5 business days to sell the instruments that make up your investment and send them to your registered debit account.
Your money is in an account in your name at the financial institution (Citibank / Vector), so only you can use it.
Financialag complies with the highest security standards as far as the information of our clients is concerned. For more information, consult our privacy notice.
Your investments are in an account in your name at the Citibank / Vector financial institution, so only you can have it. You will also have access to our online banking to monitor how your investments are.