Investment Philosophy

Financialag invests in companies with high, medium and low marketability without geographical restriction, industrial sector or currency with a single objective to find value in quality companies.

Simulate your investment

Tailor-made strategies

We reinvent the way of investing with a personalized strategy that adjusts to your short, medium and long term goals


Your money with the best

Financialag offers you a decade of experience with which you can be sure that your money will be managed by the best.



For us, and according to the Markowitz model, portfolio selection consists of two stages, the first is the observation and analysis of the future behavior of the securities, the second is determined by the investor's expectations, to conclude with the selection of the portfolio.

Remember... Not investing in a financial instrument causes your money to lose value.

Profitable business

We will look for companies whose businesses have high entry barriers and low possibility of substitution. with an attractive and sustainable business model over time, with the ability to generate cash flows according to your investment profile.

General analysis

Each selected company will go through an analysis of competitors, customers and suppliers. We will also study the history of efficiency of the company in the allocation of capital, as well as the risk it assumes in each of its decisions.

Price valuation

The valuation of a share will be managed by our company taking into account the historical price, its contrast with its sector, its profitability indicators, as well as the ability to leverage; low and sustainable.

Our objectives

Make quality investments that converge with the goals and deadlines of our clients, with fair costs, using attractive business models, that generate free cash flows and lead to great returns on capital.


How does it work?

Financialag will be your personal financial advisor. To achieve this efficiently we only need to define your investment profile; everything you want to achieve by investing.

With your defined profile, our company will find the perfect amalgam between what you want and our investment philosophy. Without forced deadlines and your money always available.

Count on the experts

Only you can have your resources. When you join Financialag, you will have an account in your name at the financial institution of support and international prestige.

Only to this account we will send instructions according to the strategy proposed for you. With your data safeguarded and your investment properly managed, you couldn't be in better hands.


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